Hello to you the Formgrids user. I thank you for your patience and support. As you know Formgrids was put on the Internet to be of aid to racing folk. We have given our best over the last 13 years and managed to run it free to use for the racing industry.

We know that the users of this site contribute to pools and the percentage takeout from the pools help fund racing. We are now serving over 20 million pages per year as per Google stats. All this with virtually no advertising anywhere except the word of mouth.

However, as “louisg” (handle on African Betting Clan) puts it, “The Authorities are either completely mad (stupid) or totally egocentric by not funding/supporting this site!”

Formgrids has been funded mostly by me with the help of a few paid advertisers to whom I extend a great thank you.

But now I am forced to charge a small fee to keep Formgrids going. There will still be a free section but it will be limited and won’t have all the useful tools that our PRO section has.

So I encourage you to sign up and not get left behind. Whatever we make will be put back into the site for further development to make the racing game a bit easier and more understandable for our users. We have plenty of new ideas and additions in store for you.

And, as you may have already seen, other sites are copying us and using our concept. (Not very ethical of them – but a kind of backhanded complement to us.)

Formgrids was conceived and has evolved under my direction. All the development work has been done by one developer, namely, Wolfgang.

Wolf deserves the accolades he gets and his efforts have been recognized overseas. He has been head hunted by an international group and I can not match their offer. Thousands of hours have been put in by him and my data capturing team and I extend my thanks to them and once again to you the user.

Play well.