What is Formgrids?
Formgrids is a unique horseracing form and horseracing guide. It is a new way to view racing form that takes hours off form study.

How does Formgrids work?
While Formgrids also displays the usual racing information, its strength and uniqueness lies in the way that the form information is displayed in colour-coded blocks in a time line.

Thus, at a glance, a studier will see each horse’s form before and after a race.

Who uses Formgrids?
Anyone and everyone with an interest in horseracing.

These include:

  • Punters
  • Racehorse owners
  • Jockeys
  • Trainers
What is a "Hot Formline"?
A hot formline is when viewing a recent past race result and there are two or more green (first place) and/or yellow (2nd place) boxes on the right grid showing in the immediate races following the one being viewed.

A hot formline is valid for horses that came 2nd to about sixth on the current result and came out to win (or come second) in the next or following to next race.

A hot formline, read correctly, often reveals “certain” winners in an up and coming race.

When did Formgrids start?
Formgrids was started in 2004 and went live in 2005.

How is Formgrids funded?
Formgrids is mostly self funded and exists mostly:

  • “For the love of the game”
  • To help promote and improve the racing industry.
  • Give punters a fair shot at winning.

Some funding comes from advertisers. This is not sufficient to run Formgrids but does help pay part of the rent. We, however, foresee this part of our income improving.

Who founded Formgrids?
The founder of Formgrids is David Safi.

How many staff work at Formgrids?
Formgrids has four part time staff doing the development, data loading and administration.

Which is the most active department at Formgrids?
The ideas department!

Wow, we have ideas for Formgrids!

In fact, Wolfgang could keep 3 full-time programmers active for over a year just implementing the ideas we have for Formgrids.

How often does the site change?
Every day!

Data loading occurs every day.

How often are there new features?
This varies based on the size and complexity of the new feature as well as the time available.

Technical maintenance consumes about 4 to 5 hours a week.

But, on average, a new feature is added once a month. The feature may not always be visible to the user however since the administration section gets upgraded from time to time too. The benefit to you, the user, is then indirect.