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“We go to the greatest aid that any racing person and Trainer can have, Formgrids, to look at our bigger picture.”

“Totally lost without Formgrids ! I use it all the time to check form, where to run, place my horses etc.”

Louis Goosen


“I live on Formgrids, I dont know how racing would go on without it, It helped me to win my championship.”

Andrew Fortune

Champion Jockey

“Formgrids a mile ahead of anything else. It’s a simple user friendly site and what impresses me the most is how quickly its updated. Formgrids is permanently in my favorites bar. I know of many trainers, jockeys and jockey’s agents that only use Formgrids.”

Mark Neisius


“Formgrids is the most exciting thing to come out of racing since I’ve been around, we on it all the time.”

Scott Kenny


“Formgrids takes handicapping one step further…”

Vee Moodley

Previous Handicapper

“I must commend one of my favorite sites Formgrids – for someone who is not based in SA I scour the site daily and find the efficient up to date results just perfect.The best part, they even have the results for Singapore! it is one of the best tools around and all those that use it know how spoilt we are. for those who don’t, all I can say is give it a try, you won’t be sorry!”

Gareth Pepper


“As always I must compliment you on your site and all it provides. The most fantastic source of info to anyone with an interest in the racing and breeding industry.

Warick Render

Bush Hill Stud

“Formgrids has been identified by our expert players around the world as the ‘REAL DEAL’.”


“Fast, brilliantly conceived, unique and a must for form studiers. Regularly upgraded with new add-ons and features, this site deserves a technical award.”

Leon Setaro

“Excellent, this is so easy to use to study form. Very, very good. I like it very much.”

Kevin Shea

Master Jockey

“Now that I am in Dubai I have been going on Formgrids, to study form back home, quite a lot… bloody hell it is really a comprehensive, impressive and invaluable tool to study with. No one should buy a horse in South Africa without checking its form out on your website. Hope it goes well for you…”

Mike De Kock


“Firstly well done with the site, brilliant stuff. I am addicted to it, and, as a jockey it is a huge help selecting the right rides. Every free moment while riding at track I’m looking up formlines on my phone and comparing how they worked.”


Champion Jockey

“Greatest aid for any serious punter I have ever seen. Exceptional and very innovative. Very, very easy to use.
You can quote me”

Stan Elley

Cape Town Race Horse Trainer and TV Presenter

“I have used horse racing sites all over the world, but this site is in a league of its own.”

Andrew Bon

Horseracing TV content Producer

“Very informative. Easily accessible. Very, very good. Excellent. I have already recommended it to my overseas clients to use.”

Dean Kannemeyer

Top Cape Town Trainer